Google Introduces Android Pay


Google introduced Android Pay, a simple and secure way for consumers to pay for goods or services with their Android phones. The new payment system is bringing together mobile carriers, payment networks, banks, and retailers to offer users a variety of locations in which to use the new service.

With Android Pay, users simply place their phone near a merchant’s contactless terminal, and make their payment. There’s no need to open an app. The user will then get a payment confirmation with transaction details on their phone. Select retailers will also be bringing their loyalty programs and special offers to Android Pay, so users can automatically have their points and offers applied at checkout.

Android Pay will also let users make online purchases, and the new service will be accepted in over 700,000 store locations and over 1,000 apps. Android Pay will be available on Google Play soon, with more information set to be revealed by the company in the coming months.

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